‘I just wish I could spend more time there’, so says Club Member, Hongmei Dong, known to one and all as Mei, the charming and fascinating Director of Guildford’s premier beauty and skin treatment salon.

It was a chance conversation with our very own Chairman, Jane Derbyshire that led Mei to first visit, and then join The County Club, as Mei explains.

‘The place just seemed so different, I loved it from the moment I entered, so calm and unhurried, a complete contrast to the way that I live my life as Director of a new and very exciting venture. I really appreciate the fact that The Club is such a well-established part of Guildford, I think businesses should play an active role in the community, it is our responsibility.’

There is no doubt that Mei, alongside business partner and fellow County Club member Mariana, have made an immediate impact on the town, offering as they do a range of services designed to enhance natural looks rather than disguise them, an important distinction in a very competitive field.

‘Of course, we have invested heavily in the finest quality equipment but perhaps more importantly, we have a strong medical background, so for example, while our non-invasive treatments are proven to delay ageing, we do not make exaggerated claims or suggest that it is right for every person.’

Starting any new business is challenging, and stressful, so The County Club with its quiet ‘other-worldliness’ is an ideal place for Mei to relax, or at least it will be when there are a few minutes to spare. Of course, as we all know, a few minutes can very easily stretch into a couple of hours once you get settled into a comfortable chair in The Reading Room.

We will leave the last word to Mei.

‘My work is all about restoring balance, helping people to relax and recharge discretely, in comfortable surroundings…perhaps this is why I love The County Club so much?’

If you would like to find out more about M&M Beauty Aesthetic, you can visit mmbeautyaesthetic.co.uk, or even better, ask Mei in person the next time you see her in The County Club.

Ps. The Chairman, and everyone at The County Club would like to thank Mei & Mariana for their extremely generous gifts for everyone that attended our Ladies Christmas Lunch, a wonderful event that was enhanced still further with our lovely (and beautifully presented) gifts from Mei, and Mariana.