‘The County Club is a bolt-hole for me, a place to relax and unwind, switch off my mobile and just enjoy a few moments alone with a newspaper, a cup of leaf tea and maybe an indulgent shortbread.

There is a sort of other-worldliness to the atmosphere, it’s very difficult to describe really, the place just feels different to anywhere else, certainly in Guildford. I love the service, I love that Kevin knows everybody by name, and that I can sit quietly on my own or be joined by a fellow member for a chat about any subject under the sun.

Growing up in India I was fortunate enough to spend time in many Private Member’s Clubs like Tollygunge Club and The Calcutta Club. I step through the doors of The County Club, onto the beautiful staircase and I am filled with the same calm as I was back then.

In its three years of trading, Mandira’s Kitchen has garnered numerous foodie awards, featured in a Channel 4 series, enjoyed visits from Royalty and counts Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver among many fans of their authentic Indian food.

The business comprises of a busy kitchen producing freezer meals for dispatch across the UK, a shop and a delightful Terrace Café, all on one site next door to the Silent Pool in Albury.

Mandira shares a little secret with us.

‘When I was finalising the details for the official opening of our new site, I did some of the planning in The Reading Room at The County Club. I know we aren’t supposed to use laptops or mobiles but you would be amazed how much I managed to get done using an old fashioned pen and paper!

It must have worked quite well, because the then Earl of Wessex, now Duke of Edinburgh of course, agreed to join us on the day and help launch my new business in style…all because of a letter that I drafted in The Reading Room.’

Thanks Mandira.